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February 24, 2018 - Portland, OR [FLAC]

Listen to a sample of the night's show:

Roseland Theater
Portland, OR
February 24, 2018

1. Gemini
2. GØ
3. Semente
4. Beep Box
5. Thing of Gold
6. Tarova
7. Binky
8. Sleeper

Chris Bullock - tenor sax, flute, and alto flute
Mike “Maz” Maher - trumpet, flugelhorn, and vocals
Justin Stanton - trumpet and keyboards
Bill Laurance - keyboards
Shaun Martin - keyboards
Bob Lanzetti - guitar
Michael League - bass
Jamison Ross - drums and vocals
Nate Werth - percussion

Sound Crew:
Matt Recchia - engineering and sound (front of house)
Jesse Soifer - sound (monitors)
Nic Hard - mixing

Crazy travel day from Lincoln (starting at 3:00am) to Portland full of delays and all kinds of fun. We arrive just in time for a quick soundcheck and kick things off very mellow with Gemini. Shaun takes his time on the solo, starting with a motif that he develops over several choruses. Maz lets loose on . Justin takes the second solo on keyboards and Bob takes it out on guitar. Nate sets up Semente with a percussion interlude. It gets a bass solo for the first time in a while. The outro turns hip-hop for a second and then melds into Beep Box. Bill takes the solo for the first time, switching from synth to electric piano. After a brief greeting, Shaun rips through Thing of Gold. Justin takes a trumpet solo over the bridge. Shaun goes into a quick rendition of Amazing Grace on organ (the security woman was singing it as we walked on stage to start the show). Nate and Jamison kick right into Tarova. Bullock takes one of the most intense solos I’ve ever heard from him. He and Jamison are left alone for a while. Nate rocks a short solo over the outro vamp. Bill sets up Binky on Rhodes and the band enters with a downtempo dub thing. The tune flexes quite a bit. Bob takes one on guitar. Maz goes in over the B section. New harmony just before the outro. Things get weird, in a good way (I think). Shaun brings down the house on Sleeper. Incredible energy from the audience all night. One to remember.

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