Fan Favorites - Live Snarky Puppy Songs Compilation [FLAC]

Fan Favorites – Live Songs Compilation

Enjoy some fan favorites of Snarky Puppy’s live performances over the last few years.

Lingus (June 6th, 2017 @ Paradiso in Amsterdam, Netherlands) 

“The thrill and anticipation of hearing Lingus’ first notes in concert never goes away. I have to smile at the public’s (our) outburst every time. This second of two unforgettable nights at Paradiso in Amsterdam, the band and audience gave it all the electric energy they had in them, and Zach Brock on the violin took it to new high-pitch places I had never heard it go before.” - Sophie Conin 

Flood (December 17th, 2017 @ CC Konex in Buenos Aires, Argentina) 

“I love this particular version due to the blend of the 3 keyboards; Justin plays keys the whole way through. It has such a rich and surreal soundscape, and it reminds me of my first time hearing this song live in Melbourne, 2017. Hearing that huge and powerful wash of the keyboards mixed with the wonderful textural percussion work is really spectacular and is a really rewarding listen.” - Simon Chidgey


Jefe (February 14th, 2018 @ Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, Georgia) 

“Jefe from their 2018 gig in Georgia (first night). I sadly wasn't there but seeing Jefe on the setlist was enough to make me buy the album and damn what a ride this tune was! Shaun sums it up as he shouts over the outro – ‘turn all the lights on, we're having a party!’” - Elliot Beagley


Big Ugly (February 26th, 2018 @ Belly Up in Solana Beach, California)  

“When I see Big Ugly in a setlist, I can't wait to hear the result. This version in particular left me speechless. Jamison does an absolutely brilliant job and the mixing is great. But it was when Bullock took a solo that was as noisy as it was energetic, that I understood that the whole band was unleashed. And that was only the beginning. As Shaun had promised before the song starts, he becomes choir director and involves the audience which reinforces the emotional side of the first guitar solo. Because yes, after a break where the public is put in the spotlight, the group returns to the main theme in an explosion of energy and Bob takes a second fantastic solo. 

Bonus: listen to how Michael changes chords’ colors by regularly changing the bassline on the final theme (8:42 for example).” - Vincent Poinsot 

Tarova (July 13th, 2018 @ North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands) 

“The performance from the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, Holland from July 13, 2018 features the Metropole Orchestra and it's absolutely stunning. It's very different than any other show on LiveSnarky.” - Mark McCrite

Chonks (September 23rd, 2019 @ The Music Farm in Charleston, South Carolina)

“I chose Chonks from the performance at the Music Farm in Charleston SC. Chonks is my favorite song off of Immigrance, and it blew my mind seeing it be played live. That was the moment that converted me into a huge Snarky fan, and the version that made me obsessed with the song, so much so to the point that I’ve been making an arrangement/recording a cover of it! (Almost a year in the making, and still a work in progress). The atmosphere of the crowd is fired up after Bobby’s outro solo from Thing of Gold, and it is one of the best of the many, many versions I’ve heard of the song.” - Ethan Gossett 


Embossed (October 4th, 2019 @ in Tulsa, Oklahoma)

“I love the faster tempo and the high energy of this one. Bob absolutely shreds here and seems to be playing a little more 'out there' than usual which to me is really awesome.” - Simon Chidgey

Alma (November 25th, 2019 @ Rockhalin Luxembourg City, Luxembourg) 

“It was a pleasure to have seen Alma reappear in setlists for about a month, but when I heard this version in Luxembourg, I prayed that the recording process would go smoothly. When the live appeared on the site, I jumped on it. Everything is awesome in this version, and McQueen's solo is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations to Neal Macintosh who outdid himself in the mixing of this live. We also find this incredible version of Gemini where Maz improvises a vocal solo from another planet!” - Vincent Poinsot 

Intelligent Design (November 28, 2019 @ Volkshaus in Zurich, Switzerland)

“Toss up between this and Paris (Maz already selected that one).  This one has an amazing trumpet solo at a supersonic ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’ pace.  Also has a wild keys solo that matches the trumpet solo’s frenetic pace. And the build to the ending is phenomenal.” - Jake Funkmayor 

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