May 4, 2017 - Manchester, United Kingdom (mp3)

Snarky Puppy live recording from their show on May 4, 2017 at 02 Apollo in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Longest and one of the most... um... uptempo shows of the tour thus far. In the legendary Apollo with 2,000+ in the audience. Most of the tunes are faster than usual (too much coffee in the greenroom?). The room and crowd felt great, so we just kept playing.  starts things off briskly. Bullock takes the first solo. Justin dials up a percussive lead sound on the Minimoog for the second solo. McQueen plays over the outro. Maz attacks the outro of Beep Box on flugel. Bill moves between Moog and Nord on Grown Folks. McQueen finishes it off, then leads off Flood with a slightly more percussive intro than normal. The band sneaks in. Bob takes one on tenor. Larnell takes it from there with a hemiola-heavy solo. Tarova is flying, but feels good. Bullock and Larnell duke it out on the solo vamp. Gemini is patient and the band sits in the etherial mid-song vamp for a long time. Bill and Justin trade on Minimoog and Rhodes, respectively, on the outro. Marcelo intros Tio Macaco on pandeiro. The horns trade. Marcelo solos, then passes it over to Larnell. Big Ugly sees distorted, dirty solos from Maz and McQueen, who is prodded to play twice. The crowd asks for more Bill, and gets it on Lingus. He starts with spacey chords over Justin’s massive Minimoog bass sound and moves over to Rhodes, then Moog after the horn entrance. A really nice, out-of-the-comfort-zone performance from Billy. For the encore, Justin takes a beautifully restrained solo on Shofukan. Lots of great moments and a consistently good vibe from both the band and audience.

1. GØ
2. Beep Box
3. Grown Folks
4. Flood
5. Tarova
6. Gemini
7. Tio Macaco
8. Big Ugly
9. Lingus

10. Shofukan

Chris Bullock - tenor sax
Bob Reynolds - tenor sax
Mike “Maz” Maher - trumpet and flugelhorn
Justin Stanton - trumpet and keyboards
Bill Laurance - keyboards
Chris McQueen - guitar
Michael League - bass
Larnell Lewis - drums
Marcelo Woloski - percussion

Mike Harrison - sound (front of house)
Matt Recchia - sound (monitors)
Nic Hard - engineering and mixing

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