Family Dinner - Vol. 2 [CD/DVD]

In February of 2015, Grammy Award-winning band Snarky Puppy recorded Family Dinner Volume Two in front of a live studio audience with guest instrumentalists and vocalists from all over the world.  A companion piece to the monumental album, this documentary/concert-film features exclusive candid interviews and acoustic performances from the guest artists.   The project is a true testament for showing first-hand how music can be a bridge between diverse cultures from countries from all over the world to create a unifying musical statement for the average listener or the devout music-connoisseur. 

CD format includes DVD featuring the making of Family Dinner Vol. 2 and bonus tracks.


  1. I Asked (featuring Becca Stevens & Väsen)
  2. Molino Molero (featuring Susana Baca & Charlie Hunter)
  3. Liquid Love (featuring Chris Turner)
  4. Soro (Afriki) (featuring Salif Keita, Carlos Malta, & Bernardo Aguiar)
  5. Sing to the Moon (featuring Laura Mvula & Michelle Willis)
  6. Don't You Know (featuring Jacob Collier & Big Ed Lee)
  7. I Remember (featuring Knower & Jeff Coffin)
  8. Somebody Home (featuring David Crosby)

Bonus Tracks (Included on the physical DVD)

  1. Be Still (featuring Becca Stevens and Vasen)
  2. Fuego Y Agua (featuring Susana Baca)
  3. Shapons Vindaloo (featuring Vasen)
  4. One Hope (featuring Knower)
  5. Brother, I'm Hungry (featuring Nigel Hall & NOLA International)

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