June 25, 2018 - Edmonton, AB, CA [FLAC]

Listen to a sample of the night's show:

Winspear Concert Hall
Edmonton, AB
June 25, 2018

Tio Macaco*


Chris Bullock - tenor sax, flute, and alto flute
Mike “Maz” Maher - trumpet, flugelhorn, and vocals
Justin Stanton - trumpet and keyboards
Bobby Sparks - keyboards
Shaun Martin - keyboards
Mark Lettieri - guitar
Michael League - bass
Larnell Lewis - drums and vocals
Marcelo Woloski - percussion

Special Guests:
Robert “Sput” Searight - drums*
Nate Werth - percussion*

Sound Crew:
Matt Recchia - engineering and sound (front of house)
Michael Harrison - monitors
Ted Tuthill - mixing

**Please note there is a 5 second audio skip in "Lingus" around the 2:30 mark. 

First day of a North American run after traveling 27 hours from Morocco. The band does its best to fit the set to the beautiful acoustics of an orchestral hall. Kite comes in gently. Bullock takes the first solo. Justin takes one on Rhodes and the rhythm section gets in it. Larnell brings in Strawman as the band builds some ambience. Maz and Larnell have some fun in the first solo. The band cuts out while Bobby, Shaun, and Mark take things to Texas. Mark takes it out on guitar. Gemini gets a harmonica solo from Shaun. Whitecap is slower and funky. Bullock blows over it. The band does some house fades. Nate and Sput happen to be in town for a Ghost-Note show and jump up for a version of Tio Macaco. Bobby owns the organ on Lingus. The band encores with Palermo for the first time ever. Mark plays over it and Marcelo escorts the audience out.

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