June 29, 2018 - Philadelphia, PA [mp3]

Listen to a sample of the night's show:

The Fillmore
Philadelphia, PA
June 29, 2018

Beep Box

Tio Macaco
Big Ugly

Quarter Master

Chris Bullock - tenor sax, flute, and alto flute
Mike “Maz” Maher - trumpet, flugelhorn, and vocals
Justin Stanton - trumpet and keyboards
Bobby Sparks - keyboards
Shaun Martin - keyboards
Mark Lettieri - guitar
Michael League - bass
Larnell Lewis - drums 
Marcelo Woloski - percussion

Sound Crew:
Matt Recchia - engineering and sound (front of house)
Michael Harrison - monitors
Ted Tuthill - mixing

Lots of fun in Philly. Maz plays on Beep Box is grooving. Mark takes the first solo, Bobby takes the second on clav and organ. Justin plays over the outro on Prophet. Mark sets up Flood with some comedy. Justin takes one on Rhodes. Larnell gets into some serious subdivision. Bullock blows on Palermo and Marcelo stretches. Whitecap feels good. Shaun takes a rare solo on this one, getting rhythmic on Moog. Marcelo goes right into Tio Macaco. He and Larnell modulate after horn trades. Big Ugly gets really, really laid back. Bobby takes it out on Moog. Mark sets up an extra funky Quarter Master. The band hits some nice grooves. Shaun blows on talkbox. The church shouts. It gets silly. Fun night overall.

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