May 9, 2017 - Brussels, Belgium (mp3)

Snarky Puppy live recording from their show on May 9, 2017 at Ab in  Brussels, Belgium.

After a rare day off, the band returns to the very familiar Ancienne Belgique, one of our favorite venues in Europe (and one we have been playing for four years now). The sound is always immaculate in this room, and you can feel it in the way everyone is playing. We ended up doing seven straight songs from Culcha Vulcha and saving the familiar material for the very end of the set. Things start off relatively mellow with Grown Folks. Bullock takes the first solo of the night. McQueen plays a little longer than usual over the outro. Beep Box plays to the beautiful dynamics of the room and Maz’s solo moves over a very malleable canvas from the rhythm section. feels better than it ever has before. Bob Reynolds takes the first solo. Bill explores harmonically on Rhodes. Justin finishes it out on Minimoog. Palermo sees an extended solo from Chris Bullock. Tarova gets super funky under an effected trumpet solo by Maz. Things get reined in with Gemini. Justin and Bill trade. Big Ugly hits a nice stride and Justin swallows the mic on a beautiful trumpet solo. McQueen turns up, twice. Bob Reynolds owns the solo on Lingus. Bill and Larnell turn What About Me? into a dance/house vibe, and Larnell somehow manages to keep off-beats happening on hi-hat throughout his entire solo. Really crazy. Great night from top to bottom.

1. Grown Folks
2. Beep Box
3. GØ
4. Palermo
5. Tarova
6. Gemini
7. Big Ugly
8. Lingus

9. What About Me?

Chris Bullock - tenor sax
Bob Reynolds - tenor sax
Mike “Maz” Maher - trumpet and flugelhorn
Justin Stanton - trumpet and keyboards
Bill Laurance - keyboards
Chris McQueen - guitar
Michael League - bass
Larnell Lewis - drums
Marcelo Woloski - percussion

Mike Harrison - sound (front of house)
Matt Recchia - sound (monitors)
Nic Hard - engineering and mixing

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